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The Professional Online Auction Service. Our knowledgeable and specialized staff are dedicated to providing you with the most reliable auction experience. We accomplish this by conducting our own auctions and by teaming up with experienced auction staging companies in satellite locations. Selling or buying, 1 item or an entire business, Commercial, Industrial, AG, Guns, Constuction, Coins,  Art  or Personal, we have the staff with experience to help you.We also have made many connections in the Major auction houses around the world over our 40 years in the business and have had pieces sold in 8 differant countries around the world. If you are interested in becoming your own on-line satellite auction company, watch the video below. GOOD LUCK BIDDING.




This is a video explaining our philosophy and how we can help you get started in the on-line auction business with little financial out put. Click on this link to follow a tutoial on how to create an auction and add an item.



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Tammy Started in Auction helping her parents as a Child set up auctions. Mark started in auction and estate work in 1971 and continued part time until 1985 when he retired from Northern Telecom, where he was an engineer for 17 years.

From 1985 until 2009 Mark & Tammy worked full time in the estate and auction business and owned and managed M.T. Cupboard Estates (ESTATE SALES) and Clearwater Antiques (8000 square foot antique shop at Clearwater, MN on Highway 94), 2009 Started Winning-Bidder.com.

Why Internet Auctions are Better: ITS NOT MAGIC., All Auctions are the same, you have 10% Bidders out of the total number of registered bidders for any given sale. At live Auction 500 registered bidders is a big sale, on-line we start at 2500 and go to 10,000 bidders per auction. The more people looking, the more bidders bidding, the higher the per item average.

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