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I have registered for a Bidding Number but have not received it?
Your Bidding Number will be e-mailed to you following your registration. If you do not receive it immediately there could be one of two problems. First, you have a spam blocker that is stopping the e-mail. The e-mail will be coming from, change your blocker to accept these e-mails. Second, you entered your address incorrectly. If this happens you can either reregister or call 218-435-2498 or 952-688-6798 and we can get it changed for you.
I placed a bid but it doesn't show I am the high bidder?
Chances are your bid didn't meet the minimum bid requirement. Even if you also placed a bid in the Max Bid column but placed a bid too low in the Your Bid column, it will reject both bids. To minimize this problem always place your bids in the Max Bid column. A bid in this column does not require one in the Your Bid column.
We are an online auction service selling all kinds of inventory at fair market value dedicated to giving you the best auction experience you can have. We accomplish this by conducting our own auctions and by teaming up with experienced auction staging companies in satellite locations. We will bring you auctions from across the upper mid-west and beyond. You can look in the directory at the left side on the home page to see if there is a satellite seller in your area. If you would like to be a satellite selling company, please contact us. Good Luck Bidding.
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